Crystal Clear Water with White Sandy Beach – Railey Beach, Krabi, Thailand


As we continued our Thailand trip, we decided to explore down south to enjoy famous Thailand beaches since we have spent some time in mountain area of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. You can read about my blogs post on them at Land of Lanna, The Highest Point of Thailand, and The Northern Most Province of Thailand. With all the many choices of beaches in Thailand, since we like a more of relaxing family oriented experience, we decided to fly down to Krabi. We flew with Thai Airways and it only took a couple hours to get there from the north part of Thailand since Thailand is relatively small country. We arrived Krabi sometime in the evening and as soon as we stepped out of airplane we can feel the heat and humidity of southern Thailand. It is just different experience from Northern Thailand. Krabi has relatively small airport. So we literally had to step out of airplane and took steps down to run way to take a bus which took us to terminal. Then we took about 40 minutes car ride to our hotel location which is Ao Nang.

Railey Beach – Since we arrived late in the evening, we decided to take things slowly the next day. Instead of hardcore sightseeing, we decided just to relax at nearby beach. After having a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, we took Tuk Tuk to go to pier. It took about 10 minutes ride to get to pier where people sell boats ticket to Rialey Beach. There are several ways you can get to Railey. Continue reading