Carter Falls at Mt Rainier

We got one of a rare nice day in Pacific Northwest. So we took advantage of beautiful weather to take a short trail walk at Mt. Rainier National Park. The trail is head is right a few drive after Longmire Visitor Center. This is relatively short with roughly 3 miles round trip trail with elevation about 800ft. Most of the hike is under shady wood line. So it is kind of a good escape from the heat. As soon as you start of the trail, there is a river cross via a fallen log at Nisqually River. Then basically you will be ascending to the falls. Per sign at the trail head, the distance to waterfall is only 1.1 mile but some people say it is actually 1.5 miles. If you have more energy, you can definitely keep going to another waterfall called Narada Falls by hiking extra 1.7 miles. This is relatively easy hike that any age of people can do it. For some this can be a good picnic spot to sit out by the river and enjoy the magnificent of Mt. Rainier while listening the sound of Nisqually River.



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