Snowshoe at Mt. Rainier National Park

IMG_3785Over the weekend, we took a short day trip to Mt. Rainier of Washington State. Mt. Rainier is a trademark of Washington State. It is an active volcano with 14,411 ft elevation. It is also the highest mountain in Washington State. Living in Washington State, it is fortunate to see snow year round at this mountain. Climate at Mt. Rainier changes in different season. During winter, you would see snow covering all the areas. There is even area that the park is set up for snow play and ski area for some ski enthusiastic. There are couple trails that you can enjoy snowshoeing too.

During summer, the mountain offers numerous hiking and backpacking opportunities for outdoor enthusiastic. I will definitely go back again to experience different version of Mt. Rainier in summer. The original purpose of this trip was to take our daughter to snow sledding. However, due to recent snow and the snow play is not that compact for snow sledding. So we just decided to walk around the area. That’s how we found snowshoe trails in the park. Since the original purpose of the trip was not for snowshoeing, we did not have any plan to take which trail to hike. So most of the pictures are just random pictures from the walk in the vicinity. We are planning on going back there in three weeks. So stay tune for the next post with more organized showshoeing experience.

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