Magical Land – Disneyland


As a second destination for our Southern California trip, we went to the famous Disneyland in Anaheim. We bought three days park hopper ticket with the hope that we will fully enjoy the all rides, shows and attractions. We got a hotel which is about 10 minutes walk from Disneyland. We were pretty excited on the first day so we got up early and had our breakfast. Then we were ready for the park that opened at 10am. As soon as we got the map of park, we started plotting our plan for the day. Then during the afternoon the heat of LA started kicking in with 85 degree. It seems pretty good for local but for Washingtonian like us, it was pretty hot. Add to the temperature we started experience the famous wait time of rides in Disney. Plus we cannot get on most rides because height requirement for my daugther. Long story short, we only did about five rides from the entire trip. For second day and third day, we took our step back and just took time to enjoy the park without any rush. So what did we enjoy of Disneyland? Aside from seeing various Disney Character and famous theme, we particularly enjoyed the following four events.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade: This is pretty much a Disney parade which starts sometime in the evening around 4pm. You will see all the Disney Character in this one parade with spirit lifting music. If you dont have time to walk around the park see different character, I would recommend just to wait for this parade and you will see all the character in this parade.

Paint the Night: This is like a night version of parade. The theme park will be blackoff the entire parade route and you will see Disney character with laser lights costume walking in the parade. Sound effect and color effect will definitely blow your mind.

World of Color: This event is at California Adventure park. This is like a bunch of water and fire display by the great wheel of Mikey. The presentation will start off with a brief history of Walt Disney’s dream and end with magnificent light display.

Disney Junior – Live on Stage: This is a good event if you are travelling with toddler. Since my daughter does not know much of other character, she definitely enjoys this interactive Disney Junior show with Disney Club.


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