Aquatica – Sea World, San Diego



Since the weather is rainy and chilly in Seattle, we decided to take one week vacation to Southern California where we can warm up ourselves a little bit. As part of this trip we went to two places; San Diego and Los Angeles, in Southern California. Since this is more of family vacation, the two main destinations of this trip were Sea World and Disneyland. As first part of this trip, I will post about our experience in San Diego first.

We got our hotel relatively close to Sea World. It took us about 15 minutes to get Sea World. Since it is not peak season for Sea World, the park hour was from 10am to 5pm only. It was pretty crunch time frame to see all the shows that Sea World offers. So we could only manage to see 5 shows out of 7 shows and we missed almost all the rides since my daughter is too small for most of the ride. With all the problems that Sea World is facing these days, most of the shows are not as much exciting as before. Long story short, Sea World is still semi-fun place to visit for first timer but I would not go back for second time.

Seal Show – It is amazing how these animals can interact with human. The hosts are pretty entertaining. It is definitely fun to see seals playing around with ball and jumping over a pole in the pool.

Orca Shows – There are two killer whales shows. The first one is more on education of killer whale and small acts. Second show is more fun to watch that big fishes are jumping around the pool and splashing audiences. This supposes to be the famous Sea World Orca Show. However, due to some recent incidents at Sea World, there is no longer act that includes host riding killer whales.

Dolphin – Due to maintenance of the main dolphin stadium, the show was conducted in smaller pool. It was interesting to see how dolphins can interest with human commands.

Chinese Lunar Show – As part of event of Chinese New Year, there was Chinese acrobatic show from one of the province in China. It was my first time seeing live acrobatic performance and it is amazing to see how flexible and strong these acrobatic players are.


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