The Beach – Phi Phi Islands



When people talk about Thailand beach, first thing that will come up to your mind is Phuket or Krabi. In fact what makes those two places very popular is not just because of themselves. It is because of group of islands called Phi Phi Islands. All the pictures that portray Phuket are shot somewhere in one of those Phi Phi Islands. During my trip to Krabi, I had a privilege  to visit Phi Phi Ley which is one of the islands from the group and it is where Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach was shot.

We bought a speed boat tour to visit Phi Phi Ley. The price of tour ticket costs roughly $20 and of course it is a local price. One thing to keep mind when you shop in Thailand is to bargain. Usually vendors in Thailand have two pricing systems; one for local and one for tourists. So bargaining is the key to get the best price. Our speed boat tour includes a buffet lunch, tour to several beaches in the vicinity and snorkeling with equipment provided. It is all day tour. So I would recommend to take some pills if you are prone to sea sick.

Our day starts around 8:30 am even though the scheduled time to take off was around 7:30 am. You can expect too much on being on time in Thailand. They usually go with the unofficial time called Thai Time which you would need to add up extra an hour from local time. After getting picked up at the hotel, we were dropped off at a pier where we took boat ride. In the morning, our boat ride took us to Maya Bay where The Beach movie was shot. We were allowed to spend sometime on the beach and we could also walk to the other side of the beach where the paradise of scuba divers is. The water around Maya Bay is crystal clear and it is indeed one of the paradise on earth. After spending about an hour at Maya Bay, our next destination was to another island where we were lunch buffet. Activities after lunch was mostly for snorkeling. Our tour boat took us to one of the most fascinating snorkeling spot. It is highly recommend not to snorkel at this point if you don’t know how to swim due to high tide. The tide was so strong that it can bring you all the way to Indian Ocean. After snorkeling for about 30 minutes, our boat took us to another main beach where you can just relax and sun bath. There is also another snorkeling area around the beach for beginner level snorkeling enthusiast. Basically the whole afternoon mostly focuses on snorkeling. Even if you are not snorkeling type, I would still recommend to take this tour just to experience breath taking crystal clear water and white sandy beach of Phi Phi Island.

If whole day boat ride is too much and you don’t want to stick with tour schedule, another place I would recommend is Railey Beach where you can access by long tail boat and relax as long as you want. Then you can take return boat back to main land. I have already written about Railey Beach in my previous post; Crystal Clear Water with White Sandy Beach – Railey Beach, Krabi, Thailand.


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