Land of Lanna – Chiang Mai

IMG_8784As part of my Thailand vacation series, I am going to post about our three days stop in Chiang Mai which I call Land of Lanna. Chiang Mai is known to be a must visit place for tourists visiting Thailand. Chiang Mai might not have the same city life or night life that Bangkok can offer but if you want to experience a more charming and peaceful experience while enjoying breathtaking scenes and escaping heat of Thailand, I would strongly recommend to visit Chiang Mai. So how can we get to Chiang Mai? There are multiple transportation options that you can take to travel to Chiang Mai. The most economical way will be taking bus. Within bus option, there are different classes that you can take. I would strongly recommend to take VIP class since it offers better leg room as well as air condition which is a must in Thailand. In terms of price, it is roughly $30 for one way. If you are travelling from Bangkok, I would recommend to have overnight bus since you can just sleep a long the way and enjoy the place once the dawn arises. Other transportation options varies from flight, train to private taxi. Of the many attractions that you can enjoy in Chiang Mai, I am going to post about the places I visited. Since I was traveling with two years old toddler, all the places I went are family friendly attractions in Chiang Mai.

Maesa Elephant Camp – As our first stop, we went to visit an elephant camp which is about 30 minutes drive from the town. You might be wondering whats so strange with these elephants that you would fly all the way to Thailand just to see them. Well, these are not just ordinary elephant that you would see and Asian section of city zoo. These are talented elephants which are trained to play soccer and paint wonderful art. You can buy ticket to enjoy elephant playing soccer and usually the show concludes with elephants drawing wonderful paints which are available for purchase for different prices, usually ranging from 1,000 Thai Baht to 2,000 Thai Baht. For those who want to experience elephant riding, there is specific schedule that you can book a tour to ride elephant for either 30 minutes or an hour.

Royal Flora Ratchaphruek – If you love flower and park like nature, this is a go to place in Chiang Mai. The park was established to celebrate in honor of King Bhumibol. The exhibition lasted for 92 days with more than 30 international gardens. The park was opened to public in 2008. There is a Royal Pavilion with Lanna Architecture at the center of the park. Although you can walk in the park to experience several different gardens, I would highly recommend to take tram since it is relatively large park with 80 hectares.

3D Museum – This is another family friendly attraction that you can enjoy taking family fun picture with 3D background. You can be anywhere in the world with this visit to the museum. Experience can range from flying carpet like a prince in Aladdin to portraying as Time magazine cover person. Or you can just be riding a boat in a river of an Italian town.

These are the three of four attractions we visited in Chiang Mai. I will be posting about the highest point of Thailand – Doi Inthanon National Park in next post as a continuity of Land of Lanna Post. Until then please enjoy this post and my other posts on Thailand trip at The Northern Most Province of Thailand – Chiang Rai and The Golden Triangle.

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