Very Local Holiday Event – Festive Fun in Puyallup

As we are still in holiday season, I decided to write another post about Holiday. Last week, I blogged about Christmas Lights event at Warm Beach, WA. This week, I am going to post about a local Christmas event in Puyallup, WA. The event is held at Sunrise Village Shopping Mall in Puyallup. As Christmas is the time for family, this is definitely a family friendly event with a lot of activities for kids. The best thing about this event is it is a free event. Yes, there are a lot of activities and you will not have to pay anything for any of those.

Basically there are three different activities in the event.

  1. Wagon Ride – Once you walk into outdoor shopping mall area, there are people lining up for Wagon Ride. The line is not that long since there are two wagons. Usually wagon is pulled by two horses. And basically the wagon ride will go around Sunrise Village Parking lot. There is only one tip for wagon ride. Make sure you dress warm since the weather can be wet and cold.
  2. Living Nativity – Basically this is like a small farm where the children can see camels, and pet farm animals. The whole setting is set as living nativity. So there are some children who dress up like Mary, Joseph, shepherd boys, and a manger with baby Jesus.
  3. Taking picture with Santa – Yes, of course, there is a station for taking picture with Santa. Christmas event will not be accomplished without Santa. Whats good about this Santa is he is actually sitting on the real wagon. However, the line can be pretty long since he is a pretty good looking Santa with a real wagon.


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