The Golden Triangle – Tachileik


This post is continuous from my previous post of Home Sweet Home which I wrote about a trip to my hometown. Tachileik is a small town which locates at Eastern Shan State of Burma (Myanmar). The area is bordering to Laos and Thailand and it is also known as Golden Triangle. (Yes, it is Golden Triangle which is known for opium, and illegal drugs but I am not gonna write about that in this post.) Bordering city of Thailand is called Maesai, located in Chiang Rai Province, and it is known as the northern most city of Thailand. I don’t know exactly of what city lies in Laos territory. Tachileik is still somewhat remote area in Burma with the best route to get in from Yangon (Rangoon) is flying. Although the frequencies of flight per week was low in the past, we can now fly in to Tachileik almost everyday. However, I did not fly in from Yangon in this trip. Instead, I flew in from Thailand side since it is more affordable in terms of both time and money.

Although there might be a lot more interesting things to do in Tachileik, I would describe the only attractions I visited during my tenant. Since my whole purpose of visiting Tachileik is to visit family and relatives, I did not get a chance to visit a lot of attraction.

Shwedagon Pagoda – Shwedagon Pagoda is centrally located in the city. Visitors coming from Thailand, can get taxi to visit pagoda. Once visitors cross the bridge from Thailand to Burma, there are several tour operators and taxi drivers who are selling tour package which usually includes Shwedagon Pagoda. This golden pagoda was built sometime around 2000 as a replica of famous Shwedagon Pagoda from Yangon (Former Capital), Myanmar. It takes about 5-10 minutes drive from the bridge to get to foothill of pagoda. Then visitor can either walk up the step which is about 150 steps or drive up to the pagoda. With one of the highest point in the city, it is enjoyable to have panoramic view of the city. Growing up in this city, I can see how the city has changed drastically over the course. Breeze and the sound of wind chime on the hill was pretty peaceful. However, the heat can be brutal on some hot weather days. For those days, I would recommend to get there before 10am.


The Golden Statue of King Bayint Naung – This is park located walking distance from the bridge. The Golden Statue of King Bayint Naung was built in honor of King Bayint Naung who was known for his empire building in the history of Burma. The park was recently renovated. The park is relatively small with a few pictures spot including a small koi pond and waterfall.


Maha Myat Muni Monastery – The monastery is only a few minutes drive (half a kilometer away) from the bridge. For me, I just walked there since it is relatively close to my parents’ house. Visitors can experience rich culture and arts work in this monastery. This monastery is also one of the focal point for local religious (Buddhism) events.


Tarlor Market – This market is located right off the bridge. Visitors can get various Chinese products in this market.  Also visitors can get various counterfeit products here. Visitors can get any designer brands for pennies. I remember I bought a so-called Burberry Dress for my daughter for 4 dollars. Majority of the stuffs here are relatively cheap if shoppers have a good skill of negotiating to bargain the price.  As with price, the quality of the products are usually low. So I would only recommend to buy the product that you don’t need it to last long in this market. Or I have bought some products that I don’t mind not functioning after six months.


The Giant Scorpions Temple(Wat Phra That Wai Dao) – This temple is actually located in Maesai which is in Thailand. I know this post is about Tachileik. However, when you talk about Tachileik, you cannot separate Maesai from Tachileik since the two cities are operating dependently. The temple is located walking distance from the bridge. Same as Shwedagon Pagoda, visitors can either walk up about 200 steps or drive up to the hill. As it is one of the peak point in the city, visitors can have a good view of both Tachileik and Maesai from the hill. It is definitely very peaceful and quiet on the hill. There is a giant scorpion facing toward Tachileik. I am not sure whats the meaning of scorpion or why it is there.


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