The Northern Most Province of Thailand – Chiang Rai


This post is part of my trip to Thailand which I began with Home Sweet Home and I have already written about my first destination as The Golden Triangle – Tachileik. In this post, I will be writing about my family trip to the Northern Most Province of Thailand – Chiang Rai.

There are multiple ways that visitors can get to Chiang Rai. I have traveled to Chiang Rai by both land and air from Bangkok. For land transportation option, visitors can either take bus from Bangkok bus terminal or get private rental car. In either case, it takes about 11 to 12 hours ride. I would say the most economical way of land transportation is bus which costs about only $30. For air options, there are various airlines that fly that to Chiang Rai from Bangkok. As I mentioned in Home Sweet Home post, all the flights from Bangkok to Chiang Rai take off from Don Mueng Airport except Thai Smile Airline which is owned by Thai Airway. As for this trip, since I was in Tachileik, my family arranged a private van to visit Chiang Rai. From Tachileik (the Thailand counterpart side is called Maesai), it only takes about 30 minutes to get to Chiang Rai.

The Mae Fah Luang Botanical Garden – This is one of the absolute stunning garden that I have visited. The garden was built over 10 acres of land with uncountable flowers of red, yellow, white and any color that you named it. This place is a must visit for any flower enthusiastic. In the middle of the garden, there is a sculpture named “Continuity”. The name was given  to draw attention to the fact that continuity ensures the success of any endeavor.

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The One Place Where Snow Falls Every Night

As part of holiday series, this week I am going to post about The One Place Where Snow Falls Every Night. We are in the winter and holiday season. Yet we haven’t really seen snow yet in Seattle area. Of course, Mt. Rainier does offers snow everyday throughout the year. However, we don’t want to miss out holiday spirit, jingle bells song, and St. Nicholas of the holiday season. So where do we go to enjoy snow and holiday spirit at the same time? Continue reading

Very Local Holiday Event – Festive Fun in Puyallup

As we are still in holiday season, I decided to write another post about Holiday. Last week, I blogged about Christmas Lights event at Warm Beach, WA. This week, I am going to post about a local Christmas event in Puyallup, WA. The event is held at Sunrise Village Shopping Mall in Puyallup. As Christmas is the time for family, this is definitely a family friendly event with a lot of activities for kids. The best thing about this event is it is a free event. Yes, there are a lot of activities and you will not have to pay anything for any of those.

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The Lights of Christmas


As we are in Christmas time and holiday season, I decided to take a break from my Home Sweet Home series. Instead I will write about my visit to a local holiday event. As we are in December, people are decorating their houses with lights everywhere. There are numerous ticketed lights events throughout Pacific Northwest. Of these many choices, I decided to visit “The Light of Christmas” at Stanwood, WA.


The event is held at Warm Beach Camp and this is more than a decade old annual event since 1997. The camp is located 1 hour north of Seattle. This is ideal family event for holiday season. There are more than 1 millions light displays. Every year, event organizers start to set up lights in September for this magical lights experience. The general admission for ticket is $16 per adult and it is free admission for children under three. $16 might seem a little expensive but I would say it is totally worth it. If it still deems expensive, visitors can visit “Pay what you can” nights. The schedule of those nights can be found on their website every year. Continue reading

Home Sweet Home

It has been seven years that I left my native country of Burma. Due to time and budgetary constraint, I never got to go home. Finally I got a chance to travel back in early 2015. So I think it is a good idea to open up my first blog post with a trip to Home Sweet Home, Tachileik, which is located at Eastern Shan State of Burma (Myanmar).

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The Golden Triangle – Tachileik


This post is continuous from my previous post of Home Sweet Home which I wrote about a trip to my hometown. Tachileik is a small town which locates at Eastern Shan State of Burma (Myanmar). The area is bordering to Laos and Thailand and it is also known as Golden Triangle. (Yes, it is Golden Triangle which is known for opium, and illegal drugs but I am not gonna write about that in this post.) Bordering city of Thailand is called Maesai, located in Chiang Rai Province, and it is known as the northern most city of Thailand. I don’t know exactly of what city lies in Laos territory. Tachileik is still somewhat remote area in Burma with the best route to get in from Yangon (Rangoon) is flying. Although the frequencies of flight per week was low in the past, we can now fly in to Tachileik almost everyday. However, I did not fly in from Yangon in this trip. Instead, I flew in from Thailand side since it is more affordable in terms of both time and money. Continue reading