Carter Falls at Mt Rainier

We got one of a rare nice day in Pacific Northwest. So we took advantage of beautiful weather to take a short trail walk at Mt. Rainier National Park. The trail is head is right a few drive after Longmire Visitor Center. This is relatively short with roughly 3 miles round trip trail with elevation about 800ft. Most of the hike is under shady wood line. So it is kind of a good escape from the heat. As soon as you start of the trail, there is a river cross via a fallen log at Nisqually River. Then basically you will be ascending to the falls. Per sign at the trail head, the distance to waterfall is only 1.1 mile but some people say it is actually 1.5 miles. If you have more energy, you can definitely keep going to another waterfall called Narada Falls by hiking extra 1.7 miles. This is relatively easy hike that any age of people can do it. For some this can be a good picnic spot to sit out by the river and enjoy the magnificent of Mt. Rainier while listening the sound of Nisqually River.


Franklin Falls, Washington




It has been a while from my last post. I just would like to share a short family friendly hike close to Seattle. For some, this might not even be considered as a hike. It might just be called a trail walking. Anyway, it is a 2 miles round trip trail with only 400 ft of elevation gain. But this is definitely a popular hike and the crowd can be pretty big during the weekends. So if you decide to go there during weekends, you might need to get there early to fight for parking spot. After all, it is a good trail and you can get close up to waterfalls.

Snowshoe at Mt. Rainier National Park

IMG_3785Over the weekend, we took a short day trip to Mt. Rainier of Washington State. Mt. Rainier is a trademark of Washington State. It is an active volcano with 14,411 ft elevation. It is also the highest mountain in Washington State. Living in Washington State, it is fortunate to see snow year round at this mountain. Climate at Mt. Rainier changes in different season. During winter, you would see snow covering all the areas. There is even area that the park is set up for snow play and ski area for some ski enthusiastic. There are couple trails that you can enjoy snowshoeing too.

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Magical Land – Disneyland


As a second destination for our Southern California trip, we went to the famous Disneyland in Anaheim. We bought three days park hopper ticket with the hope that we will fully enjoy the all rides, shows and attractions. We got a hotel which is about 10 minutes walk from Disneyland. We were pretty excited on the first day so we got up early and had our breakfast. Then we were ready for the park that opened at 10am. As soon as we got the map of park, we started plotting our plan for the day. Then during the afternoon the heat of LA started kicking in with 85 degree. It seems pretty good for local but for Washingtonian like us, it was pretty hot. Add to the temperature we started experience the famous wait time of rides in Disney. Plus we cannot get on most rides because height requirement for my daugther. Long story short, we only did about five rides from the entire trip. For second day and third day, we took our step back and just took time to enjoy the park without any rush. So what did we enjoy of Disneyland? Aside from seeing various Disney Character and famous theme, we particularly enjoyed the following four events.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade: This is pretty much a Disney parade which starts sometime in the evening around 4pm. You will see all the Disney Character in this one parade with spirit lifting music. If you dont have time to walk around the park see different character, I would recommend just to wait for this parade and you will see all the character in this parade. Continue reading

Aquatica – Sea World, San Diego



Since the weather is rainy and chilly in Seattle, we decided to take one week vacation to Southern California where we can warm up ourselves a little bit. As part of this trip we went to two places; San Diego and Los Angeles, in Southern California. Since this is more of family vacation, the two main destinations of this trip were Sea World and Disneyland. As first part of this trip, I will post about our experience in San Diego first.

We got our hotel relatively close to Sea World. It took us about 15 minutes to get Sea World. Since it is not peak season for Sea World, the park hour was from 10am to 5pm only. It was pretty crunch time frame to see all the shows that Sea World offers. So we could only manage to see 5 shows out of 7 shows and we missed almost all the rides since my daughter is too small for most of the ride. With all the problems that Sea World is facing these days, most of the shows are not as much exciting as before. Long story short, Sea World is still semi-fun place to visit for first timer but I would not go back for second time.

Seal Show – It is amazing how these animals can interact with human. The hosts are pretty entertaining. It is definitely fun to see seals playing around with ball and jumping over a pole in the pool. Continue reading

Short Trip Across the Border – Vancouver Canada


A couple weeks ago, I took a family trip to Vancouver, Canada. Last time I had been to Vancity was during the winter Olympic which I only have a vivid memory left. Last trip was just a day trip for me. This time we wanted to explore more about the Vancity with some influences from some of Vancity based TV shows such as Flash, Arrow. Anyway, this trip was a two days one night trip. Of course, it was not enough time to explore everything in Vancouver. Since we are in Ski Season and we have never been to ski resort, we decided to visit the famous Grouse Mountain. As for second destination we decided to explore 1,000 acres public park; Stanley Park . Other than those two destinations, we had some walk along the boardwalk and Gastown where there is an active steam clock.

Grouse Mountain: As I mentioned before, this is our first time visit to ski resort. So it was definitely winter wonderland for us. It was just so amazing to see how people were enjoying with snow. Continue reading

The Beach – Phi Phi Islands



When people talk about Thailand beach, first thing that will come up to your mind is Phuket or Krabi. In fact what makes those two places very popular is not just because of themselves. It is because of group of islands called Phi Phi Islands. All the pictures that portray Phuket are shot somewhere in one of those Phi Phi Islands. During my trip to Krabi, I had a privilege  to visit Phi Phi Ley which is one of the islands from the group and it is where Leonardo Dicaprio’s The Beach was shot.

We bought a speed boat tour to visit Phi Phi Ley. The price of tour ticket costs roughly $20 and of course it is a local price. One thing to keep mind when you shop in Thailand is to bargain. Usually vendors in Thailand have two pricing systems; one for local and one for tourists. So bargaining is the key to get the best price. Our speed boat tour includes a buffet lunch, tour to several beaches in the vicinity and snorkeling with equipment provided. It is all day tour. So I would recommend to take some pills if you are prone to sea sick. Continue reading